About Us


Welcome to Common Attributes, established as a brand that is from the streets for the streets. Being a young person growing up in an inner city, there is pressure to sustain a certain lifestyle. Having the newest whip, wearing the latest brands, showing up to the most poppin linkups. At Common Attributes, we incorporated these aspects into our brand, presenting the flyest attire for the young up-and-comer, the hustler, the grinder, the gassed up individual that wants to express themselves in one of their favourite ways: fashion. With an assortment of cool tees, swaggy sweatshirts, catchy slogans and dynamic designs, Common Attributes has got you covered!


One evening, in April 2018, a vision was born. A mid-20s Essex girl from England who was living abroad and working full time as an English teacher, decided that there was something more to her evenings than creating material to teach present perfect simple and American English vocabulary. 
Out of fear and stubborness, she had put off buying Photoshop due to the technical look of the software. Up until that point, she had been using SnapSeed and had created some cool designs that she shared with her boyfriend, but that was the extent of showcasing her designs. She finally bit the bullet after much encouragement from her boyfriend to buy Photoshop and started bringing her SnapSeed creations to life on Photoshop.
It took her a while to grasp how to use the software, but once she had it down pat, there was no stopping her. She was able to rack up a lot of designs, however at this point, a lot of them used graphics from already established licensed brands. She needed to restart and make sure everything was completely original because she wasn't about that lawsuit life! Between school and her other commitments, it took her through to January 3rd 2019 to buy and set up her store. Carefully picking her best designs to be showcased on the site and choosing the best fabrics to accompany them, Common Attributes was born!
Each item was made with her Essex influences in mind: money, nice cars, eating out with friends, watching Netflix marathons with your squad and trying to study for those exams that could shape your future. 
She did it. She grinded and made her dreams come true and as a result, produced some 5 star pieces that will have you ballin' out of control!