Inspo behind the All Seeing Eye Hoodie

The idea for the hoodie came from a student that I used to teach. It was his new thing that year to enter my class every lesson and make a pyramid gesture with his thumbs and index fingers. It was just very odd and I remember wondering why all of a sudden he had jumped onto the band wagon. About 8 years ago was when it was a big deal within my circle of friends and in social media.

One day while playing on the app Snapseed, I found a free image of a zoomed in eye from a dollar bill. I layered it with a small illuminati pyramid that I found and fit the eye on the pyramid to match the eye on the zoomed in dollar bill.  Something so simple looked really good on a t-shirt that I got made up to test out the design.

This image was one of many to come and made me really love designing. I had to upgrade my software and use something more refined to recreate the image but it still had the same outcome.

This hoodie is definitely not to be taken too personally and get involved with all the politics and theatrics. It's meant to just play on the popular conspiracy theory and appeal to the younger generation thag are still caught up on the furore.

Thanks for reading! See you in the next blog.

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