Inspo Behind High Flyer Jersey Long Sleeve Tee

Inspo for this tee came about while I was experimenting with the phrase High Flyer. Originally I had taken on the meaning to be an individual that was successful and a jetsetter but the smoker personality of my youth convinced me to change the meaning of high to mean being high off a substance, mainly weed. Once I had established this part, I decided to keep the flyer part associated with flying paraphenalia such as planes. I played around with the curve function to get the desired vibrance of colours. When I had settled on colours and the layout of the image, it was time to add the text. I found a nice (free) font that I could use commercially and played around with the text transformation. I really liked the wave transformation and hadn't used it yet in my designs. I then added a shadow, colour and embossed it (another one of my fave functions). 

After all of this, you would have thought that it would be good to go, but no. I ended up saving the image as a photoshop file and not converting it .png. There was something missing, but at that moment I couldn't see it. I came back to the image about 3 days later when I was in a creative mood.

I'm glad that I had that 3 day breather from this particular design. It helps to declutter all the failed ideas in your mind then go back and revamp something that was unfinished...and it worked out well, if I may so myself.

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